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We offer a comprehensive range of Safes from the best manufacturers, including Securikey Safes, Burton Safes, Phoenix Safes, Hydan Safes, and Chubb Safes. Our staff have the knowledge to help you find the perfect safe for your needs, whether it is for home or business use we will have a safe for you.

Need your safe installing? Contact us today for a price quote for your safe install. Our experience safe installers will make sure the area you are wanting your safe is adequate for your safe and to make sure it will have a secure fixing. Most insurance companies will require a professional install of your safe.

Visit South Yorkshire's largest Safe Showroom here at H Harrold and Sons Ltd.

Types of safes available

Safes get given a cash rating, this cash rating is an indication to your house insurance company so they can judge if your safe is adequate for what you are insuring. The cash rating is multiplied by 10 for valuables cover. For example if you purchased a safe with a £1,000 cash rating, it would cover you for £10,000 valuables cover. We recommend speaking with your insurance company or checking your insurance documents, they may specify what level of cash rating you require. 

Freestanding Safes

Freestanding safes are the most popular style of safe. These safes do require to be secured with fixings to the base or back (or both). Freestanding safes can be fire and non-fire resistant and come with various cash ratings.

securikey mini vault s2 gold

Underfloor Safes

Underfloor and floorboard safes offer discrete protection and are ideal to hide away your cash and valuables. 

The cash rating of an underfloor safe is determined by the safe lid

Wall Safes

Similar to the underfloor safes, wall safes are an ideal solution for discrete protection.

Wall safes are more suited to older homes with brick inner walls. 

Hydan underfloor safe range
Wall safe

Gun Cabinets

Firearms have to be locked away by law. We can cater for your requirements, gun cabinets come in various sizes depending on how many firearms you need to store. We also sell ammunition cabinets to keep them safe and locked away.

Gun cabinets

Safe Locking Options

The most popular locking options for safes are electronic keypads and key locking. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, you may get the option for multiple user codes. Safes with a key lock will always come with 2 keys as standard. Our locksmiths can cut extra keys for your safe if required. Mechanical combination locking is normally found on higher graded safes. They can offer up to 1 million combinations but can sometimes be tricky to get used to. 

Electronic Keypad

This type of locking option is very easy to operate, you can have your own code and some keypads come with various user codes. Depending on the safe you choose, certain keypads will have the battery on the outside and some will be on the inside.

la gard 66e keypad

Key Locking

Most safes will come with a double sided safe key, this ensures the lock is hard to manipulate and pick open. 

Safes come with 2 keys as standard but we can cut extra keys if required.

burton safes key locking

Mechanical Combination

These locks are seen more on higher cash rated safes. They are very secure and can have over 1 millions combinations. They can take some getting used to and are not as common as the electronic and key locking safes.

mechanical combination

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Safe brands we stock

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