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What is a Master Key Suite?

Restricted Master Key Systems

A restricted master key suite is a lock system that enables the owner of the property to have control on who can obtain keys. It's a system that can be monitored per property and you have peace of mind that extra keys cannot be obtained without the correct authorisation. The pinning configuration makes it possible to have 'differs' and 'master keys' there are also 'sub masters' and 'common entrances' available. This can give different people/departments access to particular areas, whereas the person who has a master key can access all of the areas. 

Non-Restricted Master Key Systems

A non-restricted master key system is identical to the restricted system to how the cylinders work but without having the keys restricted. A non-restricted master key system is ideal for customers who don't necessarily  need to restrict who has keys cut but requires the convenience of having a master key / sub-master key to fit the doors with differs.

What are the benefits of a MK Suite?

Master key suites offer a hassle-free solution to simplify your key management. Our protected key suite and restricted key profiles provide optimal security to protect your home or business. The latest master key suites are patented so the keys cannot be duplicated anywhere else other than through us.

Say goodbye to a keychain full of keys and experience the convenience of a master key cylinder system today!

How much does a MK Suite cost?

The price of a master key suite does vary depending on the size of the suite and what type of cylinders you require. The average price for a master keyed euro cylinder with a thumb turn on is around £80.00 but this can vary dramatically with discounts for larger projects. Click on the submit enquiry button below and we can provide you with more accurate costs for your project. 

What type of cylinders are available?

We can offer a master key suite on all types of cylinders. The most common type of cylinder is a euro profile but we can offer oval, screw-in, rim and Scandinavian cylinders. Additionally the cylinders can come with key both sides or if a thumb turn is required for student properties or a fire exit then we can also cater for this. 

We can build Master Key Suites for small and large projects.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

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